The path to wealth: Create value for others

A few years ago, I heard an interview with Tony Robbins.

While I haven’t read Tony’s books, I thought the interview was at least worth giving a shot.
And in that interview, one piece of advice stuck with me.
And that advice has drastically changed by my business over time.

The path to wealth is creating as much value as you can for others.

At first, that sounds obvious.
You may just brush it off as another cute little phrase that should appear overplayed a social media post of a hipster sunset.
But when you really start to think about it, and put it into practice, you will see how it can change everything.

In another interview I was listening to, I heard Jay Abraham say something similar. His motto.

In every conversation I have, I ask “How can I create value for this person and leave them better off than when we met?”

This again, hit home that same simple message.

But how do we actually put this into practice?
How do we really create value for others in our life?
And will that actually turn back around and create results for us?

How I create value for others everyday

In every single business phone call that I have, I always seek to offer some advice or insights that can help the other person.


Maybe I recommend a resource.
Maybe I recommend a tweak they can make which could improve sales.
Maybe I recommend someone who they could connect with who could be a game changer for their business.

In every conversation, I enter with the mindset that “This person will leave in a better spot than when we started talking.”

Sometimes, those people then end up buying my services.
Often, they do not. But even if they do not buy, they will walk away with something.
They will walk away thinking highly of me, and grateful of me.

“But why? If those people aren’t going to buy, then what good does that do me?”

Trust me. It comes back around, often in the ways you least expect.
Sometimes, I create value and those people are never to be heard from again.

But other times, my attempts to create value create a bond.
Those people become fans, and tell others about me.
Other times, they come back and buy 5-6 month later.
Sometimes they introduce me to other potential clients.

Those interactions surely would not have happened if I was just out there just trying to make a quick buck.
But by creating value for others, value comes back around to me.

The same is true of this blog.
No one pays me to write this blog.
And 99% of the readers of this blog will never buy from me.

But I put these thoughts out there, I put these ideas out there, in hopes that they create value for others.

Because I know that if I create enough value for others, then the path to wealth will appear.

Don’t be selfish.
Don’t hold back.

Create as much value as you can for others.
And in time that will come full circle.

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