Why it pays to be a creative

There is a mindset among many creatives who believe that doing creative work is a sacrifice in terms of income potential.

They believe that doing something artistic inherently means you will make less money. 

The problem is that many creative professionals do not understand why their skill sets are so unique.

The mechanic and the decal artist

Think of an auto mechanic and someone who is passionate about cars.

They can spend their entire life perfecting the craft of changing oil and fixing cars. Yet for the most part, people aren't willing to spend a great amount to have their car fixed.

They may spend a few dollars more for the piece of mind of having it done right, but an auto mechanic will never become wealthy on fixing cars alone. Their service is a commodity and there is nothing that will set them apart from the rest of the world.

On the other hand, look at a decal artist for high end cars and paint jobs.

These individuals have massive potential for income. Their styles become sought after and there have even been reality TV shows about these artists.

Their craft is something that they can continually improve at. It can become unique to them in a way that is difficult for others to replicate. If they create enough demand, they have the ability to generate a great living with this craft.

What skills will you learn?

Ask yourself if you want to be the mechanic or the artist?

In some ways, the mechanic may find work easier to come by at first, yet in the long run the decal artist will win. The artist will get to do what he loves, be more fulfilled with his work and generate a better income. 

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