3 must read resources for aspiring world travelers

There is a lot of talk these days about building a career or company that you can run from anywhere.

The idea of designing your life so that you can travel now, instead of waiting for years until you retire is quite an appealing one. 

Eight months ago, I took the plunge and since then I have traveled through Mexico, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Singapore.

I couldn't be happier with making the jump, it has truly been a life changing experience. 

It is easier than you think and in this post I share three resources that helped get me in the mindset .


The Art of Non-Conformity - Chris Guillebeau

Chris takes a level headed approach to changing your mindset on travel and how you live your life. Even if you don't want to travel the world, this book will inspire you to take action and change in your life.

"You don't have to live your life the way other people expect you to" - Chris Guillebeau

Also check out Chrisguillebeau.com for his blog and other resources.


Tropical MBA 

This is a Podcast completely focused around building a business that you can run from anywhere. For aspiring travelers, I recommend starting by downloading their first 50 episodes which are heavily focused on location independent income and making the jump to traveling the world.

These guys keep it fun and entertaining while changing your perspective on life and business at the same time. 

Dive into their blog and Podcast at TropicalMBA.com


The Four Hour Work Week - Tim Ferris

This book alone has launched a large part of this location independent movement. Tim Ferris takes a no BS approach to his writing and will change your mindset on what success is and how to build a business where you work less. 

Pick up a copy of the book


Just make the jump

Traveling the world is possible and it isn't far fetched. 

If you are really considering making this lifestyle a reality, then set a date, buy a plane ticket and just do it. 

Still have doubts?

Dive into some of these resources and check out one of my most popular posts How to Work Remotely and Travel the World

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