10 reasons to work remotely in Mexico

For the past four months I have been living and working remotely in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. 

Along the way a lot of people asked me Why Mexico?

As a result, I have put together this post of 10 reasons why Mexico is a great destination for remote workers.

View from my apartment in Mexico

View from my apartment in Mexico

1) Cost of living is low - The conversion rate on the US dollar is amazing here.

Your groceries and produce will cost nothing in comparison to what you pay in the states. Going out to eat, costs a fraction of what you are used to.

Rent, is outrageously low (Mine was $330 per month for everything included)

2) Tacos & Fresh Coconuts - The food here is absolutely amazing. Need I say more? 

3) Cost of flights - If you are coming from the United States, you can get a one way ticket either way for roughly $200. 

This means that if your remote working adventure doesn’t pan out, then you can book a flight home for relatively cheap. 

4) Safety - Believe it or not, the cartel does not roam the streets of Mexico shooting down tourists as they please. Mexico is actually quite a safe place. 

Currently I am in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico and I would honestly say this city feels safer than most cities I have lived in and visited in the USA. While I am sure there are less safe parts of the country, simply do your research and their are plenty of safe places for you to live and travel.

It is hard not to relax with beautiful sunsets every evening

It is hard not to relax with beautiful sunsets every evening

6) Relaxed lifestyle - Mexico is a laid back place.

No one is rushing around, hustling to their next meeting.

People just simply live and enjoy life. That vibe is contagious as well which makes for low stress living. 

6) English is common - This will vary depending on where you are at, but for the most part English is spoken and rapidly growing in Mexico.

You will still want freshen up on your Spanish or at least learn the basics, but it won’t be as hard as you expect.

7) Time Zone - If you are coming from the states, you will hardly notice a time zone change at all which means you can keep your normal schedule and your clients won’t even notice a difference.

Street art at a public basketball court in Mexico

Street art at a public basketball court in Mexico

8) Arts - Mexico has a surprisingly vibrant art scene. The street art around the country is stunning. 

9) Warm Weather - For anyone who experienced the Polar Vortex this winter, I hope it will comfort you to know that I did not. 

Instead I was sitting on a warm beach. Consider trying it out next winter, it is quite nice.

10) Beach - While not all of Mexico is just beaches, it sure doesn’t hurt if you pick a destination along the coast.

Ending your workday with a nice dip in the ocean is always refreshing.

Try it out sometime

One of my many desks in Mexico

One of my many desks in Mexico

Mexico is a great place to kick off your remote work life. It is cheap, low risk and a lot of fun. 

For anyone who doesn’t think that it remote working is possible for them, take a look at the costs of the flights and cost of living in Mexico and you will realize it isn’t that unrealistic. 

Even if you only come for a month or a few weeks the first time, it is a great place to start.

How to get started working remotely

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