097: How to generate leads on Linkedin - Part 3

This episode is the third and final part of our LinkedIn lead generation series.

We’re going to dive deeper into what you do when you start generating those leads and people actually start conversing with you.

The inspiration for this series was my new company, LeadCookie.com, where we manage and handle the entire LinkedIn lead generation process. If you’re a well-niched business, reach out and see how we can help.

10 Tips to Nurture Your Leads

1.Start Conversations

Your goal isn’t to make a pitch, it’s to pique interest and move to a phone call or meeting. Responses on LinkedIn are just ways to start conversations.

2. Research Your Prospects

Before you respond, do some research on your prospect. Skim through their profile, look at their company, and read through their background. This gives you data on who you’re talking to.

3. Qualify Leads Quickly

Make sure your prospects have a need for what you’re offering. Probe with a question that will give you the information you need. I ask, “How do you get most of your clients?”

4. Make Your Pitch Concise

When people ask to learn more about what you do, respond concisely. Don’t write a novel. Keep it 2-3 sentences, and ask questions to qualify them.

5. Steer Business Conversations

If someone starts a non-business conversation, answer their question and try to steer the conversation back to business with a question.

6. Nudge and Follow Up

You’re often going to have people who drop off and forget your conversation. If I don’t hear back, I’ll send the a simple nudge to see if they want to talk more.

7. Unconnect with the Unqualified

When you get people who aren’t qualified to become future clients, ignore or unconnect with them. Move them out of your system for everything and don’t respond.

8. Use a Calendar Booking Widget

With LinkedIn, you don’t actually have the emails of your prospects. I like to use a calendar booking widget to get their email in a way that doesn’t feel weird.

9. Remember Outbound is Different

Not everyone is going to be ready to buy. If you get someone to buy right away, that’s lucky. Usually people need more time.

10. Employ a Text Expander

I use aText on my mac to send templates and standard responses for the basic stuff. If you’re doing a lot of messages, this will speed up your workflow.

Bonus - Ask a Question

Still unsure? Focus on a conversation and ask them a question. People love talking about themselves. Ask about them and they’ll engage with you.

This concludes our 3-part special series on LinkedIn prospecting. I’ve given you an end-to-end process on generating your leads. Go ahead and try them yourself, but if you don’t have time, reach out to us at LeadCookie.com for a done-for-you service with a 30 day money back guarantee.

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