112: Linkedin Secrets with John Nemo

When I was building Lead Cookie, my LinkedIn Lead Generation business, I did a lot of research on thought leaders in this arena and many of the tactics i learned came through John Nemo's courses. I brought John on the podcast so he can share actionable tips and advice on how to get more out of LinkedIn and better manage your profile.

John started off in the lead generation game after he took a leap of faith and left his 'soul sucking day job'. With only 1 client and 1 month's worth of wages he opened his own marketing agency, worked out of home and generated 6 figures in revenue within 90 days. He did all this by using LinkedIn, which became his 'aha! moment'. He'd come across a platform that gave him the ability to connect and talk with leads one-on-one instantaneously with no gate keepers.

Tune in to hear more about how he gained opportunities and refined how to talk to people and sell on LinkedIn. Nowadays John is a public speaker and has two very successful online courses: LinkedIn Riches and Online Webinars That Work.

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