Why am I blogging?

Today marks the first post in my blog entitled Jake Jorgovan on Business and Personal Development. I have struggeled for quite sometime trying to decide what it was I actually wanted to blog about and amidst an afternoon hike it finally struck me. Entrepreneurship and business is a topic covered by thousands of blogs. Yet, many fail to recognize is how entrepreneurship and personal development go hand in hand.

I know far too many entrepreneurs who are seeing high levels of success in their business, and yet they lack any personal satisfaction in their life. Many work themselves into isolation, pushing away friends and family and bury their nose in their work. Others fail to recognize the destructive habits in their personal life that are inhibiting their success. I know this because I have gone through and overcame these problems.

This blog is meant to help inspire individuals to overcome their physical, emotional and mental problems to see greater success and the potential that they have for their lives. Regardless of if you are an entrepreneur, free lancer or work for a company, there will be plenty here for anyone to relate to.

I hope that you find the posts in this blog to be insightful and inspiring. I am always open for a cup of coffee to talk over just about anything. I truly enjoy helping individuals discover their passion and turn their dreams into a reality.

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