Thank you to everyone

I am sitting on the edge of some of the biggest opportunities that I have ever seen in my life. It feels as though the world is at my fingertips and it is for the taking. Over the past few weeks my life has accelerated at a rapid pace. As I near graduation and my launch into the real world, I have been presented with some amazing opportunities.

I was just accepted into the top six in the nation for the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards, which is the most prestigious honor a student entrepreneur can receive.

Recent business relationships have also opened the door to projects bigger than I ever dreamed of working on. And when I say bigger, I literally mean bigger. It is almost as if everything that is happening is completely surreal.

All I can say about the success that I have seen in my life lately is ‘Thank You’. Thank you to every single person that has supported and encouraged me on my journey. My family who supported me, my friends who encouraged me, my mentors who guided me and my co-workers who stood alongside me. Thank you to everyone who has helped make my dream a reality.

Seven years ago I started Rabbit Hole with the idea of diving into the unknown, it has taken me farther than my wildest dreams and from here we will have to see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.

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