Building a Team

One of the hardest parts of growing a company is building a team.  To build a solid team you must deal look at personalities, work ethics and skill sets. The biggest challenge of all is that you are now responsible for this persons monthly paycheck, they are counting on you to keep this business going! Below are a few simple guidelines to follow when hiring new employees.

Hire the best. Hire people that are better than you and complement your skill-sets. Many business owners want to try and find employees who are just like them, they want a little army of themselves running around. The truth is if that were the case, chances are the business would fail drastically. Find people who excel at the areas that you can't and hire them to fill those voids in your company.

Watch out for warning signs - Try working with new employees as contractors or short term hires before jumping into a large commitment. If you see any warning signs early on, part ways before it develops into something worse. If you notice a large personality trait or problem early on, don't think that it will get better over time. It will only grow into a larger problem over time until it blows up into a large dispute.

Hire for growth - When hiring individuals, don't just look to hire a person to fill the current position. Look at a person and see how they could grow with the company. Think of where your company will be in five years and envision how that individuals role will grow over the years.

To conclude this post I would like to welcome Mark Eicher to the Rabbit Hole Creative team. Mark is a great friend and a hard worker and is going to help us build this company to into something great!

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