follow the rabbit...

Almost a year ago I wrote another post entitled Follow the rabbit... I wrote on the meaning behind the name Rabbit Hole and why it is so important to me. A year later, the name has taken on a whole new meaning. Too often in pursuit of your passion, you can get comfortable. You are at an accomplished level, and you don't need to grow to maintain your current status. It is easy to settle with where you are and get comfortable.

Instead of getting comfortable, why not push yourself further? Don't settle for where you are at, don't become stagnant. Instead aim to constantly grow your skill set and become the best at what you are passionate about.

Don't do it fueled by the dream of more money. Do it for the passion of doing something great with your life.

Never let yourself settle with where you are currently at. Whatever it is that you are passionate about, follow that passion and you will be amazed at where it can take you. In other words, follow the rabbit...


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