Dream more. Fear Less.

Fear. This emotion runs through any entrepreneur, any artist, anyone who is pushing outside of their comfort zone. Fear is the emotion that keep us up at night, that fills your head with negative emotions, that makes you doubt yourself.


Fear can be crippling, but it doesn't have to be.

If everyone who accomplished something great had stopped when they had fears, they would not be anywhere at all. We would not have the automobile, the computer, the iPhone. Greatness happens when individuals overcome the fear of failure.

A great man Randal Baskin once told me whenever he noticed he was getting negative thoughts in his head, he would visually in his mind, unplug a chord from the negative energy and plug it into the positive energy. He would fill my mind with positive thoughts and always dream of the future as opposed to fearing the present.

Train your mind not to fear, but to dream instead. Swap fears for dreams and you can completely change your reality.

Fears fill our mind with everything that could go wrong, every possible negative outcome, fears make us doubt ourselves. The problem is, when we focus on the fear, we forget to look up and see the opportunities that are presenting themselves.

Dreams are essential to life. Dreams allow us to paint a mental picture of our ideal reality. Dreams allow us to create something to strive toward. When we finally accomplish a dream we have been striving for, there is nothing more blissful.

Dream more. Fear less.

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