A small mindset shift that can revolutionize your agency

You do not sell design.
You do not sell programming. 
You do not sell services.

Yet, this is how most people approach sales for their agency.
They treat what they do like a commodity.
And as a result, clients buy like a commodity.

They buy based on price.
They compare based on “features”.
And they treat you like an order taker.

Many agency owners just think that this is how it is…

But there is a better way.

It is the way of the consultant.

At first that word may scare some of you.
You may think “Oh no, I am a developer” or “designer” or “marketer”.
And in treating yourself like that, you are creating the problem.

When you just look at yourself as filling that singular role, you limit yourself.
And you limit the impact you can have on your client's business.

The way of the consultant

Let’s flip that around for a bit and imagine that you don’t consider yourself a technician.

What if first you decided to look at yourself as a business consultant?
A consultant that helps your clients grow their business and improve their condition.
And you just happen to do that through development, or design, or marketing.

As a consultant, you would approach your clients differently…

You would not ask them what they want done.
You would listen to their problems and then prescribe solutions.

You would not just create a website.
You would create a solution that is going to make a serious difference in their business.

You would not confine your advice to just what you are being hired for.
You would position yourself as a trusted advisor that your clients can turn to for any problem.

You are not sitting passively waiting for projects to come to you.
You are advising your clients on how to improve their business, and as a result, new projects arise.

When you begin to take the mindset of a consultant instead of a technician, your business will drastically change.

Clients will start looking for ways to keep you around.
Retainers become much easier to sign.
New projects will pop up more often.

And clients will be eager to hop on the call with YOU.

How to transition to becoming a consultant

For the long time technician, stepping into the shoes of a consultant can be scary.

You have to put yourself out there.
You have to be bold and share ideas.
You have to consistently learn new things, so you can apply them to your clients.

When you become a consultant, you are constantly learning and improving.
When a client has a problem, you figure out a way to solve it.

At times you will fail, and you will learn from that.
And at times you will succeed, and you will aim to repeat those successes.

You won’t be perfect.
But as a consultant, you will do everything in your power to make your clients succeed.

At first it will be hard, and you will doubt yourself.
But over time, you will get better and hone your skills.

And soon, you will realize “I know what I am doing. I can produce results. People are willing to pay me for it.”

By the time you hit that stage, your business will be transformed.

But for now, you must take step one.

Stop selling your services like a technician.
Become a consultant.

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