Why most people never accomplish their dreams

Comfort. This simple word has been the downfall of too many dreams, goals and ambitions. 

Comfort. This is the single greatest cause of mediocrity. 

Comfort. It is dangerous.

You know the story, it may even be your own.

The energetic young soul dives into the world in pursuit of accomplishing their dreams and childhood ambitions. 

They work hard, and see some mediocre success. They land that job they always wanted, they start the company they dreamed of, but they only get halfway.

Somewhere along the line, they saw some mediocre success, and that was enough. They began making a steady income, and they get comfortable.

Instead of pushing themselves further, to accomplish their true dreams and ambitions, they settle for mediocrity. They buy a nice TV, a new car, get a mortgage and settle into a mundane repetitive existence.

They get comfortable.

The lure of comfort


Just like the average American who finds comfort on their couch entranced by the television, we can become comfortable in our careers, our entrepreneurial journeys and our lives.

While the average American knows that he should get off that couch to exercise or do something productive, they don’t because they are comfortable.

In our lives, we do that same thing. We get comfortable in a position, or with the level that we are at. We don’t want to take risks, push ourselves off the couch and try something new. Instead we mindlessly walk through our day-to-day existence, and let ourselves get comfortable. 

We quit learning new things. 

We quit aspiring to accomplish our ambitions. 

We simply get comfortable.

The danger of comfort

Comfort is the slow silent death of dreams and ambitions.

It doesn’t happen overnight and there is no moment when we become ‘comfortable’. It just happens, and suddenly years later we wake up wondering why we never pursued our passions, wondering what could have been.

Here are several signs that you might be getting comfortable.

  • You don’t feel challenged in your personal or professional life
  • You professional and personal goals are either vague or non-existent
  • The dreams of your youth seem to be getting pushed aside for mindless socializing, drinking or the latest season of Breaking Bad.
  • You keep talking about how you are going to pursue that project you are passionate about, but you are going to do it ‘later…’

These are all signs of comfort at its worst.

What to do when your too comfortable

Cut back on your comfort habits. Cut out the TV, the alcohol, the constant social outings. 

Instead focus that time and energy on setting goals, reevaluating your life, or learning something new.

Maybe you are in need of drastic change, a new job or a new venture. 
Maybe it is time to learn a new craft, or enhance your abilities in an existing skill.
Maybe it is time to pursue that passion project that you have always dreamed of.

Regardless of what it is, the first step of defeating comfort is to simply step out of your comfort zone. 

Are you comfortable? 

Or should I rather ask 'Are you pushing aside your dreams and ambitions in the sake of mediocrity?'

Then I challenge you to get up, push yourself out of your comfort zone and do something amazing with your life. 

But of course, you could always do it later…

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