Creation & Consumption

Photo used under creative commons courtesy of  fotologic

Photo used under creative commons courtesy of fotologic

Consumption. It's easy and we all love to do it.

We love to read books.
We love to watch movies.
We love to digest social media.

Our mind is trained for consumption. 

We open up a piece of media and consume it. 

Immediately, our mind is filled with pleasure as we receive new information, entertainment or inspiration.

Consumption is easy. 

It's natural.

Creation is a challenge. 

Creation requires us to step back.
Creation requires us to close ourselves off from the outside world.
Creation requires us to put our heads down and make something.

Our minds aren't trained for creation.

Often, we create something only to be filled with a feeling of sadness when it is complete. 

It doesn't live up to our standards or our expectations. 

Instead of bringing pleasure, sometimes creation brings pain and disappointment.

Creation is a challenge.

It is a challenge that requires us to overcome the obstacles within and the barriers outside.
It is a challenge that isn't always easy.
It is a challenge that is essential if we want to make anything meaningful.

While creation isn't always easy, the rewards are great.

The reward of finishing a day of work and knowing you made something.
The reward of sharing your creation with the world.
The reward of making something that entertains, educates or inspires others.

Consumption is easy.

It is easier to read a book than to write one.
It is easier to watch a move than create a short film.
It is easier to look at other peoples art, than it is to create your own.

We must consume in mild doses for inspiration and education, but most of us over-consume. 

We spend our lives consuming, wondering why we never have the time to create. 

Chances are, if you are reading this article right now, you are a culprit of overconsumption. 

Go create something.

Consuming is the easy route out.

But no one ever made a difference by consuming the work of others.

People make a difference when they create work of their own.

Creation is a challenge.

It is necessary challenge to an impactful life. 

Go create something. 

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