How I systematize my content publishing (SOP's included!)

5 minutes... That is how long I spend working on a podcast or blog after the recording and writing is done. 
Everything else is 100% systematized. 

I don't touch my email marketing software.
I don't touch my website.
All I do is create the content, and the rest just happens.

I've built rock solid systems around my content marketing. 
My original goal with Content Allies was to help other people do the same, but ultimately I learned that this is something you can't hire out.
This is something you must build for yourself. 

So in this article, I am going to share with you my actual content SOP.
I am also going to share with you how you can build your own.

My experience with publishing content

Currently, I have Evernote pulled up as I write this article. 
As soon as I am done writing this article, I will create 3 more things.

  • The email copy to go out to the newsletter promoting this article

  • The copy for the social shares for Linkedin and Facebook

  • The publish date that I want the article to go live

I will put that copy in the exact same text document as the article that I am writing here.

Once I do that, I send an email to two members of my team.

  • One team member copy/edits it (This is a new process so sorry for the million typos in the past!)

  • Another team member is my content manager and ensures the post goes live

At that point, my content manager will follow a detailed checklist and the post will go live.

I am writing this post on February 5th, 2019. 
This post will be published on March 5th, 2019.

By the time this goes live, I will have written several other posts into the future. I will have honestly forgotten about this until I start getting emails and comments about this article. 

All I do is write and the rest is executed by a system.


The same is true of my podcast.

I record a podcast solo or with a guest.
Then I spend 5 minutes recording the intro and outro.
All of those files are uploaded to a Dropbox folder.

I then open up my email and cc my podcast editor and team member who are responsible for getting my content online. 

All I include is:

  • The publish date

  • The headline I've written

  • Any notes I've included that the audio editor should be aware of (audio or connectivity issues during interview)

My audio editor edits the show and sends it straight to my content manager.
My content manager writes the show notes and then ensures the entire show is scheduled and posted online.


This is the power of systems in your business.
You can set yourself up so that you can do what you do best. 

Hiring someone to write or put out great content for you is expensive.
But hiring someone to manage your entire content flow is not.

Most of this work is done by low cost virtual assistants in the Philippines or Columbia. 
I have a North American team member who oversees the process to ensure there are no mistakes. 

How I created my content systems

It's pretty simple. 
I used to do it myself.
It got repetitive and time-consuming.

So I recorded a series of videos showing my team how to do individual chunks of it.
I recorded these videos WHILE I was posting actual content live.

So it wasn't like I set aside a day to do this. 
I just recorded while I was already doing the work of publishing.

I created a Google Doc of high-level steps with videos of each step in between.

This was enough to be able to hand off to my virtual assistant and have her handle all of it.

There were a few mistakes here and there at the start, but we eventually built a checklist to make sure she hit all of the details.

Eventually, I brought in a North American team member (Hey Jess!) to do quality assurance and manage the process. But even before that, I was able to get 90% of everything fully systematized without anyone on-hand.

My Content System & SOP

Below you will find a link to my actual Content SOP for my blog, podcast, and newsletter.

My team member, Jess, actually built this for me. I just recorded a bunch of videos and she created the processes. 

You don't have to do this work yourself. 
Just record loose videos and let your team create the systems.

I've actually removed the video here because there is often confidential information or passwords involved. 

But otherwise, the entire SOP that runs my blog, podcast and email newsletter is here for you to see. 

There won't be much value in stealing this one or copying it. 
But you can gain a ton of value in using it as a frame of reference for creating your own SOP. 

> View my Content SOP & Process < 

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