The Courage to Try

"So much of starting a business or affecting change is the confidence and courage to simply try." - Simon Sinek

This quote from Simon Sinek is simple, yet powerful. Everyday, I meet and talk with people who have amazing ideas, amazing ambitions and dreams for their life. Yet, so many people are afraid to take action and simply try.

Prior to launching my first company, I tried several other ventures, and failed several times. At the time I knew I wanted to do something in the music industry, so I went out and hit the ground running.

Recording Studio = Fail
Show Promoter = Fail
Graphic Design for Artists = Fail
Artist Manager = Fail
Video Production = Success!

With each failure, you learn something new and it gets you a step closer to success. You learn what you are good at, what you enjoy, and what people are actually willing to pay for. 

If I had sat around all day and just dreamed about opening a recording studio, then I would have never learned that it wasn't right for me, and I would still be dreaming about it. By taking a leap of faith, and trying to start something, you learn more than you ever could by just dreaming about it. 

One of my good friends and mentors, Mark Montgomery wrote this amazing quote which sums up everything I am trying to say here. 

"Just do. Don't worry about failing. Failing is actually a better teacher than success"

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