Why creatives must have side projects

If you are going to be a freelancer for a living, it is essential that you have a side project.

It is not a maybe, it is a must have.

Side projects are what fuel your creative energy, allow you to practice your skills, and will ultimately become the the primary projects that shape the course of your life.

My goal with this post is to share with you the reasons why every creative must have a side project

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Never stop exploring

Never stop exploring, never stop discovering and never stop learning.

There is always more you can learn, discover and understand about the world, yourself and your passions.

This year has been a lot of self discovery for me. As I transitioned out of a venture that I had been working on for over five years, I entered a realm of complete rediscovery of who I am, what drives me and what I am passionate about.

With that self discovery I have thrown myself into rapid learning of new skills, new industries and new opportunities. I have been constantly trying new things, and jumped at opportunities as they presented themselves.

If you feel content in your career or your business, take a chance and go try something different. Learn a new skill. Start a new business. Dive into the unknown.

Never stop exploring.

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