The Lead Cookie Sales Playbook: Email Scripts

As you start to improve your sales and marketing game, you will find yourself having a lot more conversations with potential prospects.

And with those conversations, you will repeat yourself often.

That is why it is essential to create a bank of sales scripts that you can use and customize over and over again.

In this article, I am going to share the standard sales scripts that I use and teach you a few tricks on how to use them effectively.

The #1 Sales Hack that will 3x your productivity

Whenever I teach this to someone new, it blows their mind. The concept is simple, but the time savings is exponential.

The Sales Hack: Get a TextExpander

Not sure what a text expander is? Watch the quick video below for an overview.

Basically, a text expander is a tool that runs in the background on your computer. Whenever you type a certain set of letters, it expands into a full block of text.

For example, I have several different booking widgets that I send out through Calendly. 

If I type "30cal" then the text expander will paste the link to my 30 minute meeting link.

If I type "60cal" then the text expander will paste a link to my 60 minute meeting link.

If I type "rick60" then the text expander will paste the link to my account strategists 60 minute call link. 

So instead of having to search for those booking widget links each time, I am able to just type those short codes and get the exact link I need. 

Here is a list of my short codes I use on a regular basis:

30cal - 30 minute meeting

60cal - 60 minute meeting

intl45 - Used when I need to open up mornings or evenings to schedule with someone internationally. 

rick60 - 60 minute meeting with my lead Account Strategist

rick90 - 90 minute onboarding with my lead Account Strategist

lcnextsteps - This triggers an email that I use whenever a customer confirms a closed deal. (See script below)

lcnewlead - I use this when responding to any new inbound leads

myzoomguest - Pastes the information to join a Zoom meeting with me

rickzoom - Pastes the information for my lead Account Strategists Zoom room

lcblog - Pastes link to our cornerstone blog post  - A How to Guide to Linkedin Lead Generation

lcframe - Pastes link to 7 frameworks for LinkedIn outreach that produce success article


As you can see, I use short codes for a variety of different functions. But any time I find myself writing something, or searching for the same link over and over again, I turn it into a short code. This saves me a MASSIVE amount of time. 

The Text Expander I use

There are literally hundreds of these tools on the market. Just google "Text Expander for Mac/Windows" and you will find countless results.

I use aText which is only available for Mac. 
I don't have a great Windows recommendation but there are countless options available. 

Don't obsess over the tool. They all pretty much do the same thing so just get one and start leveraging your time!

Our standard email scripts

There are 3 standard sales emails, that I use over, and over, and over again.

  • The New Lead Email

  • The Post Call Email

  • The Next Steps Email

The New Lead Email

This is the email I send out anytime we get a new lead through the website, or via introduction. You will notice a few sections in {{brackets}} which signifies that this is a section that I personalize for each prospect.

I love text expanders because you can easily paste the framework, and then tweak and customize in seconds. This gives your sales communication a much more personal touch while still operating at speed and scale.

Hi ______,

Thanks for reaching out about Lead Cookie for {{company name}}. {{Use this sentence to write something personal. Research their website and give affirmation that this will be a good match based on something you see online.}}

You can see a bit more about our services and pricing at

If that looks good to you then let's set up a time to talk more. You can book a call at {{Booking widget link}}

I look forward to speaking with you!

The key part of this script is that second sentence. This is where you provide affirmation and confirmation via one personal sentence that lets the prospect know it was a good fit to reach out to you.

The Post Call Email

While it would be great to close every deal on the sales call, that doesn't always happen. Often the prospect needs time to think on the deal, or to review with other business partners or decision makers.

That is why the post-call email is essential as it summarizes the entire conversation so that the prospect has a great digest and all of the details in one place.

Hi ____,

It was great talking to you earlier today. As I mentioned {{personalize based on conversation about why this is a good fit}}

You can see a summary of everything we discussed today including our scope and pricing at


{{Insert discount details here}}

Once you have a chance to review and make a decision, please let me know and I will send over the next steps to get started. We look forward to working with you! 

Once again, that opening paragraph is essential to give that customer affirmation that this is a good fit and you can provide value for them. 

Sometimes, I may even add in a relevant case study to the opening if I feel it is fitting and would improve the chances of closing. 

In regards to the "Discount" section, I will often utilize the "Fast Mover Discount" in this section, or may use this for an "End-of-year promotion" or something similar. 

The key is to try and include some sort of offer that creates urgency for them to move. There is much more on that in my article on how to use the fast mover discount.

The Next Steps Email

Finally, you want an email that outlines the next steps once someone confirms to purchase your product or service.
The importance of this email goes much deeper than saving time.
In fact, this email is extremely important because it shows your prospect that you are organized and have defined systems and processes in place. 
Here is what our "Next steps" email looks like. This would be sent right after we have verbal or written confirmation that a client wants to move forward. 

Hi _____,

That is great to hear and we are looking forward to working with you. Next steps are listed below. 

1) Watch this pre-onboarding Video
Before you fully commit, please watch to ensure you are aligned on expectations and understand what our service will be providing. 

2) Book your onboarding Call:
Once you do that, go ahead and schedule your onboarding call at {{Booking widget link}}

3) Provide access to your Linkedin
In order to make our onboarding call more speedy and efficient, we need you to reset your Linkedin Password prior to the call. To do that, please go to {{Link to landing page}} and follow the instructions listed on this page. 

4) Pay the deposit by {{Date}} to receive a discount:
You will be receiving an invoice shortly for the initial deposit. We like people who pay quickly which is why we have included an X% discount on this invoice that will expire on {{Date}}. Please have this paid before {{Date}} to receive the discount.
Please let me know if you have any questions and we are looking forward to working with you! 

Notice how this email makes the next steps to get started with us dead simple. It outlines everything they need to do to take action to get moving with our service.

While I would love to eventually have this in some slick software for onboarding, this email step-by-step is a great middle ground that you can create.

I literally get responses from new customers to this email saying "Love it! It's great to see you have these defined processes right out of the gate."

When you have defined processes in your sales process, it creates confidence and conviction that your service will produce the same.

So take the time to create a great welcome email. It will give your customers the assurance they need that they made the right decision. 

Also, you will notice the first section of the closed email is all about setting expectations. For more on this topic read the Sales Playbook article about setting expectations. Don't overlook this small detail as it is incredibly crucial to success. 

The Bottom Line

When you find yourself repeating the same thing over and over, turn it into a text expander widget and use that in your sales process.

This will save you massive amounts of time, and you will be able to refine your scripts to the point of perfection each time you use them.

And the more professional you become at communication, the more faith prospects will have in your offer.

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