The Lead Cookie Sales Playbook: Sales Call Scripts

375 sales calls
154 closed deals

Those are my numbers over the past 16 months with Lead Cookie

At 30 minutes a piece, that is 187.5 hours on Sales calls or 7 days and 19 hours of total sales call time...

Over the course of that time, I have built and refined a sales call framework that I use over, and over, and over again.

I read books, learned from others, and refined until I had a rock solid sals call flow. 

I don't wing it on these sales calls. Instead I have a refined flow that I take every customer through which can get me to a closed deal in 30 minutes. 

In this article, I share with you my sales call script & framework. This is literally the document that I put together for myself, and I worked off of and followed until it became engrained and second nature to me.

What you see below is not the exact words I say on every call, but the exact framework and key points that I hit in the conversation at every step of the way.

My hopes are that from reading my sales scripts, you will learn and have a foundation from which to build your own. 

The Lead Cookie Sales Call Script / Framework

Stage 1) Rapport Building

    • Build rapport with the prospect

      • Banter about location is always a good go to in the remote environment

    • Goal: Build trust and credibility

Stage 2) Set the frame

    • Thanks for hopping on the interview here. I will give you a quick framework of how these calls typically go.

    • You see, we have a 30 day money back guarantee with our service and we are able to offer that because we are very picky about who we work with at Lead Cookie. The goal of this call is is to answer a simple question of “Is this a fit?”

    • First I will start off by asking you some questions to learn more about your business.

    • Second, I will share my thoughts as to if I believe this will be a good fit for your business.

    • Third, I will give an overview of our service, pricing, etc. and answer any questions you may have

    • Does that sound good to you?

    • Great, let’s dive in!

    • Goal: The purpose of this is to set the frame and expectations for the call.

      • You want to always command the call, don’t let them take over and start asking you questions up front. Take control of the frame.

      • If they try to set the frame and take command of the call, you simply take control and reset it for them by confidently stating this messaging above. You never let them control the frame.

Stage 3) Questioning

    • NOTE: In this section are many questions, I do not use all of the questions but mix and match whatever I feel is necessary for the specific customer and flows into the conversation.

    • So I researched more into your business online and {{mention some things you saw or your general understanding of their business}}. It would be great to hear a quick overview from you though on what you do and where you are currently at with the business?

    • Who is your ideal customer in terms of company size, industry, etc.?

    • Who is the decision maker at those companies?

    • How have you gotten most of your customers so far?

    • Have you ever done any sort of outbound?

    • When you sign a client, how much are they worth to you over the course of a year?

      • That is good to hear, so if we got you even one client per quarter, then this would be worth almost an extra $$$ per year?

      • Goal: Get them to say yes

    • So what brought you here today? Why are you interested in Lead Cookie?

      • Why is lead generation, growth, more revenue important to you?

    • Great. Is there anything else I should be aware of or I can share some more of my thoughts here and share a bit more about our service.

    • GOAL: To understand their business and ensure they are actually a client we want to sign on.

Stage 4) Give reassurance

  • Great, so that answers most of the initial questions I have and helps me determine if it is a good fit. I will pivot now and share a bit more on my thoughts.

  • Based on what I am hearing I believe this will be a good fit because…

    • {{Similar success stories}}

    • {{High LTV}}

    • {{Great value proposition}}

  • Any questions there or shall I share a bit more about how our service works?

  • GOAL: To give them personalized feedback and confidence that Lead Cookie will work for THEM.

Stage 5) Transition to Lead Cookie

  • Great, do you have any other questions or feedback or shall I go ahead and share a bit more on how our service could work for you?

  • The Lead Cookie Pitch

    • At the high level we manage your Linkedin and start warm conversations between you and your ideal customers

    • In detail, there are two key pieces

      • First, we optimize your Linkedin profile and set that up so it is optimized to convert

        • We tweak your profile copy and come up with a tagline that is going to hook in your target customer.

      • Second, once your profile is optimized we are going to start sending up to 100 outbound connections to your target prospects.

        • After they accept we then drip them a series of either 2 or 4 message over the course of the next 30 days

      • Expectation of how far we take this

        • We send drip sequences and hand over warm conversations after someone responds. So we don’t take it all the way to phone call

    • BREAK - If the customer hasn’t interrupted you with questions, then pause and ask them if that all makes sense so far.

    • Set Expectations

      • 1) Sales Navigator

      • 2) What we hand off is a LInkedin Conversation. This does take time and you need to plan to dedicate on average 30 minutes per day to these leads

      • 3) In terms of results, most of our customers see 30-100 warm conversations on Linkedin. Not all of those are qualified.

        • Most book 3-8 qualified calls per month on Linkedin.

      • Does that make sense? Or do you have any other questions?

    • Pricing

      • Great, then I will give an overview quickly on the pricing and how that works.

      • The pricing is simple.

      • We have two options for our service. Lite and Premium.

      • The main difference is that Lite is only a 2 message sequence while Premium is a 4 message sequence.

      • Lite is a $250 setup fee + $950 per month and a 3 month minimum commitment

      • Premium is a $500 setup fee + $1,500 per month and a 3 month minimum commitment .

      • But with that we also include a 30-day money back guarantee. So if 30 days into running your account, you are not happy with the quality or quantity of leads for any reason, we will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

      • Also, we like working with people who make decisions quickly so if you make a decision by {{Set a date 2-7 days away}} we will offer you a 50% discount on your setup fee.

      • We offer this guarantee and we do these interviews because we only want to pair this service with someone who we are confident will see results and a positive ROI from our service.

      • So ultimately, if I am wrong in my assumptions and you don’t see results like I say you will, then we will refund 100% of your money.

      • Does that make sense, or any questions there?

    • GOAL: Answer any questions about the service and gather alignment on what we are offering.

Stage 6) The Invitation

  • ANNOUNCE: Alright {{Name}}. based on how our conversation has gone today, I am confident that this will be a great fit because…

    • {{Comment on value proposition}}

    • {{Comment on similar success stories}}

    • {{Comment on their need to generate more leads and do that NOW}}

    • {{Comment on how certain we are there will be a positive ROI}}

    • So with all of that being said, is this something you want to move forward with?

    • GOAL: To get a commitment.

Stage 7) Next Steps

    • Great. In a moment I am going to be sending an invoice to your email. The 50% discount on that invoice has a 48 hour expiration timeline on it.

    • Along with that invoice, I will send over an email outlining next steps to get started with our service.

    • Do you have any other final questions on next steps?

    • Thanks and I am looking forward to working with you.

GOAL: Collect cash


Why I constantly stop to ask questions and make sure they understand:

The Lead Cookie service is  is kind of confusing and blue sky. It’s hard for some people to understand or many people have a lot of questions

It’s easy for someone to get tripped up on small details or confused and not understand something basic.

If you keep talking and never stop to let them ask questions, then they are forced to interrupt you and it gets awkward.

Instead, you want to plan lots of breaks into your pitch to make sure they understand. This helps you ALIGN with your prospect.

This ALIGNMENT is a key concept.

Think of it this way:
When you start your pitch, the customer has little to no understanding of our service.

Before we can ever make the sale, we must bring the customer to a 100% clear understanding and vision of how our service works and what we do

In order for us to successfully do that, we want to give them chances to ask questions and close that gap of understanding

The Goal: 100% understanding of the service with no questions on how the service works by the time you get to the money talk


The Bottom Line

Winging it on sales calls is a bad idea. When you wing it on a sales call, you let the customer control the frame and the conversation.

When the customer controls the conversation, they also control the deal.

And when you don't control the conversation, you are perceived as less valuable and instill less confidence in the prospect.

Which ultimately means less sales for less dollars. 

You must control the call.
And to do that you need to build a call framework that you can follow each time to guide the prospect through the conversation.

No matter how custom your conversation may become, you can build a framework that let's you guide the prospect through each stage of discussion.

For more insights on how to build your call framework, I recommend reading SPIN Selling and The Challenger Sale. Both are great knowledge sources to improve your closing and sales call abilities. 

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