Pick my Brain

Ever since Lead Cookie took off and grew to over $65k MRR, I am getting a lot of requests from people who are wanting to pick my brain about how I built up the business, and on specific Linkedin advice.

To appease these requests I am creating the "Pick my Brain Offer"

How it works:

  1. Book a session through the links at the bottom of this page

  2. While booking, you will answer several questions so I have a strong understanding of where you are at and what you are wanting to achieve.

  3. We conduct the session and I provide as much value as I can to you in the time we have available.

Simply pay for a session through the links at the bottom fo this page and I will email you a calendar widget so that we can schedule a time to talk and you can pick my brain about whatever your heart desires. 


What others are saying about working with me:

“In just a few months, we had our first signed deal with one of our dream clients and proposals in the works for several others. Jake did exactly what he said he would do, he won us our dream clients. ”
— Ryan Carter, CEO of Parachute Media
I highly recommend Jake and his team. As I write this, I am flying to Vegas. Jake’s team scheduled 20+ meetings this week, and nearly 40 ‘interested’ people. He killed it.
— Florian Auckenthaler, CEO of DesigningIT
Jake has been instrumental in building our sales team and sales processes. He first helped us refine our value proposition and messaging which has made a massive difference in our business.

He has also been meeting weekly with my sales and marketing teams to set priorities, coach them and give feedback.

My schedule is jam packed with high quality meetings with prospects as a result. I would highly recommend Jake to any agency looking to build, scale or optimize their sales team.
— Albert Stepanyan, CEO of Develandoo
Going through the teardown process with Jake was one of the best things we’ve done for our business.

It provided clarity around the direction we wanted (and frankly, needed) to go.

He helped us rethink our entire sales process. We’re already put some of his key ideas into action and see that it’s making a huge difference.
— Courtney Bradford, WeAreTelegraph.com
We worked with Jake to build a list of 30 dream contacts who we wanted to build relationships with. Over the course of 3 months Jake helped get us in the door with over half of that list. They exceeded my expectations and moved our business forward in a big way.
— Sam Claitor, CEO of Fable House
Jake was able to help us get in the door and line up meetings with several of our dream accounts. Jake’s team was great to work with and I would highly recommend them to any other companies who are struggling to get in the door.
— Mike Howard, Co-Founder, The Mobile Growth Agency
We’d never worked with an external consultant before and initially, were very unsure of whether hiring Jake would be a smart investment. After all, there are plenty of ‘bizdev consultants’ who are really just snake oil salesmen!

But Jake’s consulting process was fast and totally painless. We ended up with a fantastic set of advice and recommendations which gave us total clarity on a whole series of positioning and marketing challenges we’d been going back and forth on for months. Jake’s advice has given us the confidence to strongly push in a single, focused direction which we’re sure will pay off for our team.

I’d strongly recommend the Teardown process to other agency owners, even if you feel that this is the kind of challenge you should be able to figure out by yourself. Getting an external perspective from Jake has made us far more efficient and I’m sure will save us months of wasted time and effort. That teardown document is a goldmine!
— Jon Lay, Hanno.co
Jake absolutely nailed it and the teardown was rich with a ton of great information. He challenged us to think deeper about our strategy and how we position our company in the market. He took all of the puzzle pieces of our business and put them together in a clear way that showed us the path forward.

Working with Jake also opened our eyes to the true value we were providing to our clients. Instead of just being developers, Jake showed us how to present ourselves as consultants and completely change the way we engage and present ourselves to clients. It is one of those subtle shifts in our positioning that I know will change the way we run our business forever.
— Jarrod Glasgow, BelovedRobot
I already secured several meetings with incredible prospects thanks to Jake’s insights during the Sales Teardown.

The whole process was incredibly helpful and gave me a much more clear idea of what I needed to do to move my business forward.
— Amin Yazdani, A.Y. Tech
I was very impressed by Jake’s Sales Teardown process. He helped us identify several inefficiencies in our sales and proposal process that could help us improve our close rates.

The advice was very actionable and we started implementing many of the changes and tactics right away. I would highly recommend Jake’s services for any company that wants to improve their sales and marketing.
— Levi Brooks, Use All Five, LA Based Creative Agency

Book your one-on-one Session

You can spend years reading books and consuming content,
but sometimes you just need someone to tell it to you straight.

I learned this myself. For years I tried to figure things out on my own and then I hired Alex McClafferty, Co-Founder of WPCurve as an advisor. In 6 months of working with Alex I saw Lead Cookie skyrocket to $33k MRR and I saw significantly more freedom in life. 

My goal with this offer is to provide valuable feedback that helps speed you along your journey. 

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Pick My Brain Session:

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