059: Reinventing the agency model with Bram Warshafsky of 5Crowd

In an age where everyone is zigging harder, Bram Warshafsky of 5Crowd has decided to zag. While most agencies push for more sales, more revenue, and more growth as a means to profitability, Bram has approached things different.

Bram created 5Crowd which I would best describe as a mixture between Upwork and a standard agency. 5Crowd goes out and wins the business of corporate clients, and then sends that work out to their community of on demand freelancers.

This model keeps their overhead low, and profitability up, and enables them to scale up and down based on their client needs.

And 5Crowd isn't just working with small companies, they are working with corporate giants. PepsiCo, Johnson & Johnson, Hershey, InBev, and Twitter are just a few of their big name clients.

In this interview, Bram shares more about his model and we dive deep into how more agency owners can think outside of the box when building their model.

Also, if you are a freelancer wanting to work with bigger brands, then check out 5Crowd as they are eager for more talent to fill their client needs.

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