079: Using podcasting as sales outreach with Jonathan Green

I’m a huge proponent of using podcasts to grow your business, but I know a lot of people find the idea of creating and maintaining a podcast to be daunting.

This week, I got to talk to Jonathan Green from Sweet Fish Media, and their whole company is built around the idea of using podcasts as a means to interview your potential clients and win them over as clients for your business. They produce niche podcasts for B2B companies and take all of the pain and hassle out of managing your own.

In this episode, we talk about how podcasts can be used to reach beyond just content creation and into creating meaningful connections with your target audience.

Overcoming the mental challenge

“How big is your podcast audience?”

This is a common question that Jonathan is faced with, and, to be honest, it is at the top of mind for a lot of people when they are starting or running a podcast.

While it is easy to get caught up in how many people are listening to what you have to say, it is also important to make sure that you are reaching the specific people you are wanting to target. As Jonathan says, “Would you rather have 40,000 downloads from just anywhere or 5,000 from your specific decision makers you are hoping to connect with?”

In addition, many people miss out on the huge opportunity available with their podcast guests. You can literally have your dream clients on your show, build a relationship, and ultimately win them over as clients.

Why create a niche podcast?

Jonathan talks about three specific reasons why they create podcasts.

  1. To develop strategic business relationships

  2. To create strong, interactive content

  3. To help brand their clients as thought leaders in their industry

It is important to hone in on who your ideal customer is, so you can brand the show around that person. This allows you to focus your content in a way that helps you really achieve the three goals above.

The Sweet Fish Process

When Sweet Fish Media works with a company, they know that their greatest value lies in taking all of the details involved in podcasting off their client’s plate and letting the client focus on making the most out of the connections made.

They break their process down into three parts.

1. Prospecting and outreach

Building a list of people you want on the show is key to success. You want to make sure they look like your target customer, because that will help you better connect with the audience you want.

And, the great thing about reaching out to these people for podcasts is that it isn’t salesy. In fact, you inviting them onto the show is a way of exposing them and their brand to a larger audience. It provides value to them, and because of that, this outreach almost always gets great response.

2. Show production

These are all of the little details that make a big difference. In fact, show production can be a big reason many people fail to ever start a podcast.

3. Follow up

If you fail to follow up with your podcast guests, than you not going to build the strategic relationships that have already been started with the interview. Always be sure to thank the guests and let them know when the show goes live. Beyond that, you now have a warm lead that you can reach out to and start having the conversation of other ways in which you can provide them value with the goal of winning them over as a client.

It was awesome getting to talk to Jonathan and hear how Sweet Fish is helping others leverage the benefits of podcasting. I highly encourage you to check them out at sweetfishmedia.com, or email Jonathan directly at jonathan@sweetfishmedia.com


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