080: Badass branding and packaging services with Pia Silva

Pia Silva and her partner are the owners of Worstofall Design, an agency that builds badass brands without the bullshit.

Pia's model is extremely unique. Instead of being a traditional branding agency, her and her partner work in a unique way. They do 1-2 day intensive branding sessions with their clients called "BrandUps" where they build the client’s entire brand and strategy right there in person.

They charge $10k per Brandup and regularly schedule 3 of these per month. That means in roughly 6 working days per month, Pia and her partner generate $30k in revenue!

In this interview, we dive into how Pia created this model, and how others can use elements of this in their own business.

The Process

One of the things I love about Worstofall Design is that they are very clear in what they offer. They have a process that they follow with their clients that provides tons of value, is easy to explain and makes life easier for everyone involved.

Instead of just selling big, unclear design processes, Worstofall Design does the following:

They do a Brandshrink

This is an entry level offer for them that includes a 1.5-2 hour interview and a 2-3 page brief that identifies your badass brand opportunity and a plan to move forward. When a company signs up for a Brandshrink, they know exactly what they are getting.

And, this entry level offer leads straight into the next level service.

The Badass Brandup

This Brandup is such a unique approach to design that involves one or two day intensives where the two teams work together, and in the end, the client comes away with all of their branding materials and next steps.

These offerings are such a unique and refreshing approach to the way agencies typically do business. In fact, this clear process is one of the main things to which they attribute their success.

Selling yourself as an expert

In our interview, Pia said, “The process is something that allows you to bypass the need to explain.”

I’ve found this to be so true when it comes to agencies. So often, agency owners find themselves trying to sell something that is very difficult to explain, because they are basically selling their expertise.

This is where the packaging of your service comes in.

When Worstofall Design started, they  operated just like every other agency. Eventually they realized this wasn't profitable and they were running the same race as every other agency owner.

This lead to them changing how they packaged their services. They built their own badass brand which helped them stand out from the competition.

Having something you can easily present and explain to others will pay off huge for winning clients.

Success Stories

Pia has some great success stories from those companies they’ve helped brand and reposition themselves. One of the examples I enjoyed the most was their work with Stach Wealth.

Stash Wealth is a company they worked with that was trying to do things the same old way.

They are a financial planning and wealth management firm who was trying to win new clients by schmoozing and networking. It had worked for them at a big firm, so it naturally made sense for them to use the same approach, but… it wasn’t working.

When Worstofall Design came in, they changed the perception of how to approach clients. The market they were approaching wasn’t receptive to their approach, so they changed their messaging and built offers that helped people work more naturally through the buying cycle.

I encourage you to check out their page and see how they look so much more appealing than any other wealth management firm out there.

Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoyed this interview with Pia and are inspired to look at your brand, look at your positioning and better sell yourself as an expert in your field.

Be sure to check out badassyourbrand.com to get your copy of Pia’s book coming out this month.



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