141: Selling your company (and giving proceeds to charity) with Michael Thomas

In this episode, I listen to the Founder and CEO of Campfire Labs, Michael Thomas, describe his entrepreneurial journey and I am blown away at his generosity and his frame of mind when it comes to giving back.

Michael had a successful company that he decided to sell back in 2017, and because it was during a political turning point, he felt the need to help others so he pledged 25% of the proceeds to charitable causes. He then spent half a year volunteering with refugees in Greece, where he came to learn the lifestyle of people who live in difficult circumstances.

About a year after returning from his volunteer work, Michael started his new company, Campfire Labs, a journalistic-style content agency. But he wanted to continue helping others, so Michael and his partner give 50% of Campfire’s equity and profits to charitable causes.

Tune into this episode to get some inspiring details about Michael’s passion for giving to charity and how he did so. This interview won’t let you down...

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