Are you constantly improving?

Early on in the life of Rabbit Hole, Kevin and I set a series of values and principles for the company. One of the biggest values we both agreed on was constant improvement. We are never satisfied where we are at and every job that we do needs to be better than the last. Over time I began applying that same principle to my personal life. I strongly believe that productivity in some sector of your life each day will lead to happiness. That productivity could be in relationships, health, physical, emotional, intellectual or community development.

One way to really gauge this constant improvement I learned from Tony Robins' audiobooks.  At the end of each day, take a few minutes before bed and reflect. Ask yourself the question:

What have I learned, improved and enjoyed today?

If you can’t answer the three categories in this question, then I encourage you to reflect and plan accordingly for tomorrow! Everyday is an opportunity to make drastic steps forward in some area of your life. Don’t let any day go to waste!

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