Planning for Growth

From time to time, things can get busy and you seem to switch into survival mode when running your business. Clients seem to be knocking at your door and you find yourself doing everything you can just to keep up. You jump from one project to the next and you can't seem to find enough hours in the day. When you reach this point in your business, it is essential to realize that you are hitting a stage of growth. At these times you get so caught up in your work you tend to forget about actually working on your business as opposed to just in your business.

When you find yourself in this position, take a step back and start looking at how your business is running. What are your next steps for growth? Where are your long terms goals for this business? What tasks are weighing you down everyday, and how can you delegate those to someone else? What systems can you put in place to make your business run smoothly?

If you spend all your time with your nose buried in your business, you will be preventing growth. Take a step back, look at the big picture and plan long term. Look at the next few years as opposed to the next few days. After all, you can't get to your destination unless you know where you are going.

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