How to get more out of Linkedin Sales Navigator

Over the past year I have been heads down on mastering Linkedin Lead Generation. 

This has lead to the creation of Lead Cookie which is a done-for-you Linkedin Lead Generation service.

But it has also lead to creating quite a bit of training materials around how to use Linkedin better.

Linkedin is a bit of an overwhelming platform. There is so much you can do, and so many different features and aspects of the site.

That is why I wrote a How to Guide on Linkedin Lead Generation a while back which has helped so many people in terms of generating more leads on Linkedin.

But one thing I keep finding is that people are struggling to use Linkedin Sales Navigator which is a central tool for lead generation on Linkedin.

That is why I put together the two videos below.

An overview of Linkedin Sales Navigator:

If you are new to Linkedin Sales Navigator or find yourself struggling to figure it out, then this video is for you.



Mastering the Linkedin Sales Navigator Search:

In this video we dive deep into the advanced search functionality the Linkedin Sales Navigator offers. I teach you how to use Booleans and some of the advanced tricks that you can do with them to get laser focused with your target. 



Hopefully, these two videos give you a bit more insight into how to use Linkedin. If this is all too much to handle, then check out Lead Cookie’s Linkedin Prospecting Service and Linkedin Strategy Power-Up’s

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