Simplify your goal setting

Simplify your goal setting

At this time of year, it is inevitable that you will come across a handful of posts from various bloggers and publications about setting goals for 2017.

As you read through many of those, you may find yourself inspired, jacked up, and ready to dive head first into an epic new year!

And as a result, you may set a handful of big goals that would be difficult, if not entirely impossible to achieve.

Yet in this post, I want to present a different view on goal setting.

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The Importance of having a Vision

Where do you want to be in two years, ten years, thirty years? What do you envision your life looking like? What have you accomplished? What experiences have you had?

These are questions that many people avoid, because they aren't easy questions. Too many people struggle with the question What do I want to do with my life?  Inevitably, when I meet anyone who is struggling with this question, there is one trending theme. They are all thinking in the short term.

Don't just look at the next opportunity, don't just look for a new job or a quick change. Looking at the short term will only put a band-aid on the problem. The problem of not knowing what to do in the short term stems from not having a vision for your life.

Imagine life 20 years from now, and ask yourself where you want to be. Paint a picture in your head as to what that life will look like. Write it down on paper, or share it with some of your friends. Every time you share that vision, it becomes more real. It as if you are taking a step toward that goal. 

Don't worry about the details and don't overanalyze it. This is a dream right now. If your vision changes along the way, that is perfectly ok. The point of a vision is that it gives you something to work toward.

Once you have that vision, trace it backwards. What do you need to be doing today to work toward that goal? What milestones and accomplishments do you need to hit for that dream to become a reality? Let that vision guide every decision you make in life. 

Your vision is your vision. You may desire to launch a company, live in the wilderness or raise a family. Regardless of what that vision is, paint that picture and work toward it everyday. Each small accomplishment you make along the way turns that vision from a dream into a reality.

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