Why every agency should have a dream client campaign

There are a lot of ways you can market your business. 
Content marketing, networking, referrals, thought leadership, advertising, etc. 
All of these methods are incredible ways to grow. 

But there is one sales and marketing strategy that too many companies overlook.
They overlook the dream client campaign.

I run an outbound marketing agency that focuses on running dream client campaigns. Over the years we have run countless campaigns and seen incredible results when this tactic is used for the right kind of company. 

What is a dream client campaign?

Simply put, a dream client campaign is a targeted effort at getting in front of the top clients in your industry. These are the absolute dream clients who you would love to work with. 

As sales legend Chet Holmes explains in The Ultimate Sales Machine, “In a sentence: There’s always a smaller number of ‘best buyers’ than there are all buyers.”

Why run a dream client campaign?

When you do nearly any other form of marketing, you are casting your net wide. 
Content marketing can be targeted, but you are still going to hit a wide audience. 
Advertising can be targeted, but it’s hard to get it in front of the exact person you want. 

With a dream client campaign, you are creating a targeted effort where you are reaching out directly to your dream clients.

By focusing on that small number of best buyers, your costs of reaching them are lower than trying to cast a wide net with the hopes that it catches them. 

And the amazing thing about the dream client campaign, is that if you land one of these companies, then it can radically change your business.

Think about this for a second.

How would you describe your dream client?
How much budget are they worth to you in a single year?

Really think on that question for a bit and try to paint a clear picture in your mind of who your dream clients is and how much they are worth. 

Once you have a clear picture, then ask yourself this next question…

If I won 2-3 dream clients for my business, how would that change things?

Stop reading for a moment and just imagine that…

Would that allow you to hire more people?
Would it allow you to raise your rates?
Would morale go up because you are getting the types of clients you want to get?
Would profits go up?
What changes would winning these dream clients make for your business?


How a dream client campaign doubled my agencies revenue

A few years ago I owned a video production agency. We did high end animation and graphics work for large scale stage productions. If you have ever been to a big corporate event or concert where they had an elaborate video setup on stage, well we created the motion graphics for those stages.

As an agency, we did pretty well through networking, referrals, and building relationships.
But eventually we hit a point where we wanted to grow and work on the biggest events out there.

So we created our own dream client campaign that followed these four simple steps. 

1. We identified who our dream clients were

For us, our dream client was the Top 30 event planners in the industry. These event planners worked with the biggest budgets. Each planner oftener handled several events per year which meant that if we built a relationship with them, they could hire us on for multiple events. 

2. We researched our dream clients

We researched these top 30 event planners and learned everything we could about them.

3. We reached out in a personal way,

Then we reached out to each of them with a highly personalized and relevant approach.

4. We followed up until we won their business.

After reaching out, we followed up with them relentlessly until we were able to build a relationship and get in front of them.

These were our dream clients, so we didn’t let them ignore us and we didn’t take no for an answer.

We kept staying in front of them and we kept sending them new projects.

Given the long annual sales cycle of the event industry, it took almost a year for the campaign to pan out, but when it did, it panned out big time.

This campaign built relationships with several of the top event planners in the US. These event planners brought us on for some of the largest productions in the industry. These events were for big name clients with big budgets. 

It took time, and it took relentless focus on staying in front of those clients, although the results were incredible and drastically changed our agency. 


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