119: Mike Michalowicz on Profits & Process

On this week's podcast we have Mike Michalowicz, the author of ClockworkProfit FirstThe Pumpkin PlanSurge, and The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur.

Mike's book Profit First helped me to pay down 15K of credit card debt all while paying myself a better salary. He's gone from being an entrepreneur to becoming a full time researcher and writer. He touches on behavioural psychology and breaks down real applicable strategies that can help you to live a wealthy lifestyle.

All too often the reality is that entrepreneurs often work their tails off without getting paid and Mike's aim is to change that. Tune in to hear us dive into 3 of his books: The Pumpkin Plan is all about niching down and figuring out your ideal customer, Profit First shares a system for paying off credit card debt, and Clockwork is all about getting your business to run more efficiently without you. Bigger is not necessarily better, you just need to have the right strategies.

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