Why you should read less and study more

Why you should read less and study more

For most of my adult life, I have read a lot of books. 
In particular, I have read a lot of non-fiction books. 

I am committed to a mindset of a lifelong learning, and so I am always seeking someway to improve my skills.

But over the past year, the way that I approach reading and learning has drastically changed. 

It all happened when I read one simple quote from the stoic writer Seneca.

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The most powerful way to differentiate your creative business

All of us that do creative work face a similar challenge. 

Despite our best efforts to be unique, at times we can feel like a commodity.

While we may have our own unique style, there are hundreds of other creatives out there with their unique style as well.

So it begs the question, ‘How do I differentiate myself in the creative field?’

My goal with this post is to share with you the single most powerful way to differentiate your creative business.

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On Joy and Happiness


Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with a great man, Rahfeal Gordon. Rahfeal is a motivational speaker and an author who has dedicated his life toward enriching and inspiring others.

Over a simple lunch at Johnny Rockets we spoke on many things, although the one thing that stuck with me was a conversation on the difference between Joy and Happiness.

Raphael pointed out that joy is an emotion, and happiness is a lifestyle. We choose to be happy, and joy is simply the emotion that we get from choosing to live a happy life.

When I have a good day and everything seems to go well, I feel overcome by the emotion of joy. That emotion is fueled by my decision to live a happy life. Without making that decision to be happy, I could never have felt joy at all.

Are you happy? The decision is up to you and it is a choice that you make every day of your life.

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