My system for streamlining my podcast workflow

“Starting a podcast sounds great, but it just seems like a ton of work.”

That is what nearly all of my clients say to me when I propose the idea of launching their own podcast. 

Previously I have written on how podcasts are an amazing tool for networking and building thought leadership. In fact, my Working Without Pants podcast was the source of over 60% of my clients in 2016. 

Yet when I bring up the idea of starting a podcast to others, they have a built in belief that creating and running a podcast is going to take at on of time and energy.

The truth is, that is not the case. 

I have built my podcast systems to where I conduct my podcast interview, and everything else is 100% streamlined and handled by someone else. 

I do the interview, and then a few weeks later it magically appears on my website fully edited along with a short article detailing the key takeaways from each episode.

So I get all of the benefits of the podcast, and the only time I put in is the interviews. 

Below I have put together a short video that walks you through my podcast management process.

If my process still looks like too much work to set up, then reach out to my company Content Allies - We turn consultants into thought leaders through content marketing.

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