A simple trick to generate more leads on Linkedin

About six months ago, an agency owner told me about this interesting Linkedin tactic that he used to win one of their best clients. 

At first, I was skeptical on if the approach would actually work. 

So before recommending it to any of my clients or readers, I decided to give it a shot myself. 

After 6 months, I can now cite closing more than $10,000 worth of consulting business from this passive tactic. And as I write this, I am in negotiations with one of my biggest clients to date which could take that closed number to $60k or more. 

All of that revenue came from a simple lead generation tactic on Linkedin.

In this post, I am going to share that tactic with you and how to make it work for you.

An overview of the tactic

There is this great little extension for Google Chrome called Elink-Pro. What Elink does is take control of your Chrome browser and then visit up to 800 Linkedin profiles per day.

You set up a search queue on Linkedin.
You turn on Elink Pro.
Elink visits 800 profiles.

Then, those 800 people receive a little notification in their Linkedin notifications saying “{{Persons_name}} and ## others viewed your profile."


When they click on that, your name and tagline on your profile shows up alongside anyone else who viewed their profile.


Out of those 800 people who you visit, some may visit this page and find your tagline interesting and click into your profile.

And some who click in, may just contact you through Linkedin or your website and become a lead. 

That is it.

That simple tactic has generated massive traffic to my Linkedin, numerous leads to my Linkedin over the past 6 months, and most importantly it has generated paying clients.

And the best part is, it’s passive and runs on your computer while you sleep. 

Now, before you dive in and start going crazy with Elink, let’s step back and ensure you are optimized for success.


Step 1) Updating your Linkedin

Before you get started with this tactic at all, you must ensure that your Linkedin profile is optimized for success. If you haven’t updated yours recently, here is the 80/20 of what you need to fix. 

Optimizing your tagline

Once you have optimize the basics, then you need to work on your tagline. 



This is the most important part of your entire profile in regards to this tactic. If your tagline is weak, then that person will never even click into your profile and you don’t have the slightest chance of getting a lead or their business.

A simple formula for a great headline is “I help X accomplish Y”

X = Your target customers
Y = The key benefit you bring them

For example, my tagline is “I help consulting companies win their dream clients”

I define who it is that I work with, and the benefit I bring them. When an consulting company or agency owner sees this, they see “Hey, this guy is the solution to my problems.”

They click into my profile, and then they reach out. 


Optimizing your Linkedin Copy 

Once you have optimized the tagline, the next section to focus on is your body copy, and the copy under your company description.

There are a few rules to follow with your Linkedin copy.

  • Keep it short 
  • Be clear about who you help
  • Focus on the pain point you are solving, and the benefit you bring to your clients
  • End it with a link to your website 

Optimize your landing page

Some people may contact you directly on Linkedin, but many will click through to visit your website.

For those who click through, you want to ensure that you have a great landing page in place so that they know who you work with and what benefits you bring them.

You can see the landing page I send visitors to for my outbound marketing agency

For help structuring a landing page I recommend reading this post from Copyhackers

The general structure they outline is:

  1. What do you do?
  2. Okay. Why should I care?
  3. Am I alone in caring – or do others (preferably others like me) care?
  4. You’re starting to win me over. But I’m skeptical. So show me: how do you do what you say you do?
  5. And if I believe you and your process / solution, how will my life improve?
  6. I’d like to believe you, but first tell me: why is it safe for me to believe you?
  7. Okay, let’s say I believe you. Now what?

Alright, now that your profile is optimized, it’s time to start using Elink to crawl prospects profiles. 


Step 2) Setting up your search queues

The next step is to set up your search queue in Linkedin so that Elink can start surfing their profiles.

To do this, you will need the Linkedin Premium or Sales Navigator versions of Linkedin.

Since the price difference is only about $20 I would recommend you upgrade to Sales Navigator because it is going to give you drastically more control over who’s profiles you decide to surf.

Here is a quick video showing you how to set up search queues in Sales Navigator. 




Step 3) Run Elink Pro while you sip martinis on a beach 

Once you start Elink Pro, it takes over your browser and just visits all of the profiles for you. 

Typically it is best to run this at night or at the end of your work day so it can do the dirty work while you aren’t working.

I would recommend running this 2-4 times per week to really ramp up the traffic and attention on your profile.

How well this converts will be largely dependent on your offer, but you will certainly get new traffic to your profile and connection requests.



Step 4) Respond to new connections.

After running Elink for about a week, you will most likely have quite a few connection requests waiting in your inbox. At times I have gotten 10-20 new connection requests from my target market every week.

Sometimes those people message me right away, or send an inquiry through my website.

For everyone else who just sends a connection request, my process for engaging with them is simple.

I accept their request, check out their profile and send them a short message like this. 

“Hi {{first_name}},

Thanks for reaching out to connect. Can I ask what lead to you reaching out to connect with me on Linkedin? Also, I looked into {{company_name}} and you appear to do some incredible work. The project you did for {{client}} looked great. Do you ever need help finding new clients for?

Jake Jorgovan
I help agencies and consultants win their dream clients”

Not everyone responds to that message, but when I have 20 connection requests in my inbox, then I can be almost certain that a few will. 


What does this cost?

Elink Pro has a free trial, but then it costs $49 per month. While that is a pricey software subscription it has made over $10k in revenue already so I am more than happy to pay the price.


Will Linkedin ban my profile for doing this?

I cannot say for certain as their terms of service could change, but I will tell you my experience.

I use Linkedin A LOT and what I have learned is that when you visit over 1,000 profiles in a day Linkedin will temporarily pause your account for 24 hours.

They don’t ban you. They just put a temporary hold on it and you can’t use your account for 24 hours. This has happened probably 5-10 times to me and my account is still in fine standing.

But I do try to avoid it. The way that I do this is that I set Elink to only visit a maximum of 600 profiles per day. 

This means that even if I have a day where I am heavy on Linkedin use, I shouldn’t max out my 1,000 profiles in 24 hours.

Elink lets you visit up to 800 profiles per session but I turn the setting down to 600 to keep myself safe.

But other than that, I have had no problems with Linkedin at all. 


It’s that simple

And that is it. That is the simple process that I have been using on Linkedin over the past 6 months which has added a significant amount of revenue and leads to my pipeline.

Will this work for everyone? 

That I do not know. The one thing I can say for sure is you need a rock solid profile and offer in order for this to convert.

Without that, you don’t have a chance. 

UPDATE: Service that will help you generate leads on Linkedin

Since publishing this post I have gotten a ton of interest and traction in this tactic and some of the others I am using on linkedin.

As a result, I decided to launch a service that helps you generate more leads on Linkedin by running Elink for you and other Linkedin lead generation tactics. 

If you want to run this tactic but don't want to deal with the hassle of doing it yourself, reach out to me.

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